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6 years ago#1
Well, I didn't exactly play the game, but thanks to some live streams, I was able to see at least one of the endings of the game. And no, I didn't watch the boss levels, aside from the final boss. Well, I'm kind of a guy who likes to get spoiled with endings, so if you don't want to know about them yet, then please leave. It's for your own good.

Anyways, the ending that I saw is when Vincent and Katherine were talking to each other. I think Vincent proposed to her and she said yes. Then, a few months later, a wedding takes place and Vincent and Katherine got married. If I know better, this is the normal ending, because achieving that kind of ending that easily is pretty obvious. :P

Then, I watched another stream and saw a different ending, where Katherine just left Vincent at the bar after talking to him. I didn't see it to the end, because I thought it's the bad ending. And I sorta dislike endings that end badly for everyone.

Well, I'm probably the only guy who wants to talk about it, though I can't help it. I just want to talk to someone about the endings. So if you don't wanna bother talking that, that's fine. Just wanna express my excitement, that's all.
6 years ago#2
I saw the Katherine-Marriage ending too but that's the Lovers-true ending, based on the achievements list. I"m pretty sure the endings mainly cut off depending on how far you get (ex: break up-bad, break up+reconcilliation-normal, and Break up+reconciliation+marriage=good.). Honestly, I really liked the Katherine true ending. It seems to fit with Vincent's story, especially since his anxiety+comittment issues were there at the start.

I haven't seen the Catherine endings yet but I assume it's a similar layout. I remember seeing something about marriage for her too as a true ending (correct me if I'm wrong, anyone?) but if so, I reeeally hope the proposal isn't tacked on in that conversation just because of the weirdness of "o hai, I met you nine days ago and now want to marry you".

I"m curious about the bad-solo ending though. I'm guessing Vincent gets stabbed there but if he does, by who?
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6 years ago#3
Dont know whats so secret about it,but i had guessed these 2 before the release considering basic premise ,my other guess is there will be one where vincent will die at last day or suicide.
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6 years ago#4
Hm... I don't think there's an ending for Catherine at all. Maybe the endings are only for when Vincent gets back together with Katherine or when he gets killed, somehow. Why do I think that there won't be any ending for Catherine? Well... Uh...


... I watched another live stream and I saw Catherine herself as a boss in the "last" stage of the game, where Vincent and Katherine have to climb up the blocks to escape her. Then again, maybe it was some kind of an illusion, since Katherine was acting like she just came to visit Vincent, after escaping the nightmare. I don't know if that's the case, since I missed the boss ending.

*End Spoilers*
6 years ago#5

^ i think there are two dfferent boses that can be faced there. a demon Catherine or a demon Katherine. because we knew from trailers there as a Katherine one that wasn't just her hands.

I think prior to the cutscene before that, depending on what decicions Vincent made, either Catherine or Katherine will follow you to then nightmare world and the other girl is the boss.

we just need to see someone play through and favor Catherine instead of Katherine.

there is definitely endings with Catherine. the trophy list proves that.
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6 years ago#6
Well, you can't blame them for choosing Katherine over Catherine. They're pretty much innocent and can't stand to leave Katherine for Catherine. You can say that it is a sin to choose erotic love over true love.
6 years ago#7
^Not just that but the choices you can make. A lot of more "sensible choices" tend to lean towards Katherine instead of Catherine. I haven't seen entire game yet (seen about half+true route end Katherine). Also, Catherine's circumstances in this situation suck. Vincent already has a long, steady relationship with Katherine, Vincent doesn't remember (at least till 3rd or 4th night) most of the time he's been with Catherine, and if you're going for her true ending marriage is also a factor (which I still find unbelievable after 9 days).

Still don't like her too much but I kinda feel bad for Catherine in a way. Vincent reeeeally should have fessed up after the first night instead of (however it's happening) letting it happen more nights and constantly leading Catherine on.
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6 years ago#8
there's no fun in choosing the goody goody routes though. I wanna see some thrill.
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6 years ago#9
Dunno if this is confirmed, but someone around the board said that if we get the true route for Catherine...


... Vincent somehow becomes a demon, probably in the nightmare realm.

*End Spoilers*

... If that's true, then that gives me more than enough reason to choose Katherine instead of Catherine.
6 years ago#10
link to the endings anyone?
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