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5 years ago#1
I have a question about the True Catherine ending. I know little Japanese, and I have a question for someone who is good with it. I understand the main substance of the plot. The bartender (Nergal) runs the underworld and uses Catherine to test the faithfulness of men. Catherine is a succubus.

Is the giant demon at the end Astaroth, and also Catherine's father? I'm pretty sure he's referred to as the father when he meets up with Vincent and Catherine just before the credits, but I lack the ability to fully confirm this on my own. Lastly, after the credits, when Vincent becomes a demon and all those women are lusting for him, does that mean he's now going to test the faithfulness of women, like Catherine did with men?
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5 years ago#2
I have that scene translated:

Spoilers.. obviously.
5 years ago#3
And yes, he is Catherine's father.

In the scene I posted above, he's just being conceited and rude, since he's now more powerful than her father, and her father won't accept the fact.

I doubt he'd go around testing faithfulness of women..

Instead, he'd probably act as the replacement of Astaroth.. or akuma/devil.. however you want to think about it.
5 years ago#4
Its not Astraoh.. its Negrad or something like that (just woke up, can't think properly right now)
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5 years ago#5
The bartender is Domujin, or Thomas Matton. He was the husband of Ishtar, the goddess of prosperity and love, but he cheated on her. Assumingly, he was able to marry Ishtar because he was the previous man who climbed the towers.

Astarot is Astarte, an avatar of Ishtar.
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So basically, she is all three characters.

Nergal is the giant demon lord. Father of Catherine. He just shows up at the ending because he's disapproving the love between Catherine and Vincent.

Can't tell you anything about speculation, but since Nergal is a demon lord and in the ending he says he's "taken over", it's probably a good assumption to say that he's a demon lord now. Succubi are the ones who go up and tempt people, not demon lords. Catherine mentions at the beginning of the true end that she doesn't want to go do her job because no one else is as good as Vincent.

One little fun note: Notice the candle at the beginning of True End Cut Scene? That's steve's head. Look at the tie.
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