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User Info: Lord_Gremio

4 years ago#21
<spoiler />
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User Info: kingDoDo

4 years ago#23
Thanks for the info brah
From: Lord_Gremio | #021

User Info: Styx111

4 years ago#25
Hey guys I have found this site is really super helpful. They have the best tips/cheats/hacks for this game. They also have a ton of other stuff on different games especially pc and browser games


Seriously it's really helpful check it out.
Very good info, I should also note that the general chat is full of helpful people.
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User Info: prince_leo

3 years ago#27
Not bad of a sticky at all
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User Info: TugaChampion

3 years ago#28
Very nice guide! Thanks.

User Info: Megidolaon

3 years ago#29
coleipoo posted...
There are also penalties to resistances in higher difficulty levels. In Cruel difficulty, there is a -20% penalty to player resistances, and this increases to -60% in Merciless.

Are only existing resistances (e.g. from Diamond Flesh and equipment) affected or is it always, i.e. if I have 0% resistance I take 20%/60% more damage?
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User Info: Derpin90

3 years ago#30
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