so I'm starting a summoner witch.

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3 years ago#11
Seems like everyone playing a summoner has to get Minion Instability before they can be good.
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3 years ago#12
I'm currently trying out Cold wth my summoner. I'm hoping to make my summons slow/freeze on hit. Dunno if it'll be possible, but I'm going to try.
3 years ago#13
Arc is pretty fabulous.
3 years ago#14
get lighting arrow, and a quill rain unique bow. Once you get Minion Instability you can also get the +shock passive node that is maybe 1 or 2 skill points out of the way.
3 years ago#15
i wouldnt bother using up any skill points for elemental spells. like that other poster said, summon skeletons will be the spell you spam. when going for the lord of the dead right above the starting point for the witch, take the right side of the branch and circle around towards minion instability. you will have easier access to mana regen and increasing max mana. which you will want so you can spam skeletons, and a high mana pool so you can use auras to power the kiss army. and if you take the clarity aura gem. dont level it too much, it takes up a lot of your max mana
3 years ago#16
TheTrueAmerican posted...
Arc is pretty fabulous.

i use arc with my summoner witch. 11 exploding skellies and 7 zombies. spell totem plus summon skellie is fun.
3 years ago#17
while I like the idea of freezing and chilling enemies, not having corpses sounds bad. wouldn't lightning be your best bet, So that you can shock mobs, which will then buff the damage of your minions. or does the bonus damage only apply to the person who applied the shock?
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  3. so I'm starting a summoner witch.

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