Quick 0.11.4 Update + Patches between now and full release later (inclu 0.11.5)

#1Ryyaann_Is_BandPosted 8/18/2013 11:16:52 PM

0.11.4 is almost finished. We're currently flat-out finishing off the last bits and are expecting to deploy it tomorrow (though this could be pushed another day if it isn't working in time). At this stage it's looking like the overall filesize reduction of the entire client is just over a third (cutting a bit less than 2gb off the game). We're extremely pleased with the improvements that it brings and are looking forward to getting your feedback when you've tested it. For reference, its patch notes are here.

We ran a 24 hour Descent race yesterday. We hope you had a chance to check it out and possibly saw the later levels on people's streams. We'll definitely be running more in the future.

We've planned the scope of the 0.11.5 patch and expect it'll be ready in two weeks. As more than half of the team is working on content for the full release later this year, we have made an effort to keep the patches between now and then as interesting as possible. It's going to be an exciting few months!

Awesome! Next patch is already just a mere two weeks away. So stoked!
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I'm all for having more space left on my hard drive(s), but at 6.42gb having it reduced by 2gb feels... Odd. Then again I guess I might be overly used to games like Rage taking up 25gb or The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing having an 8-9gb download size and a 19gb installation size.
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Yeah, I guess they're going for maximum efficiency with files and whatnot. I definitely welcome it.