My first character build (Witch, AoE, Crit, Ice)

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3 years ago#1

does this work?

I basically want to run a mage that has huge AoE potential, focusing mostly on ice but a little bit of fire too (Fire Storm probably)

Ice Spear will be my skill of choice for sniping single targets

I'll mostly be playing with a couple friends so I want to be able to sit in the back and unload on minions

any tips and stuff? TY in advance!

PS - why do people give a '96 points used' and a '120 points used' for some of these topics? Is it hard to get all 120 passive skill points? I am completely new to this game and just started a few days ago
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3 years ago#2
You don't use all points because it takes too long, and maybe even impossible depending on some choices you make.

60-80 points is more practical. It's too likely that halfway through, you'll start another new character to try some other build.

You also traveled quite far and skipped a group of ice nodes pretty near your starting point.
3 years ago#3 (Made a quick edit, forgot I had a couple of things I was just eyballing in there to find.) Basically you need to kill about 15 points I'd say to be about where I am in level from here, so you just take what you have and subtract what you don't need. As my damage is fine I took a few more HP nodes earlier.

Is the build I'm going with my Freezing Pulse/Faster Projectiles/Lesser Multiple Projectiles/Cold Damage/Cold Pen/Blank - (Item rarity for farming, I dunno) as well as having firestorm and a few other decent spells for alternate forms of damage.

I'm currently 68 with 2900 dps and all I can link to at the moment is Freezing Pulse/Lightning Damage/Faster Projectiles/Item Rarity (Lightning damage just to ensure I've got an alternate source to counter resistant types.)
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3 years ago#4
Gonna tag this thread and answer later. On my phone atm so cant view skill tree.
3 years ago#5
Ryyaann_Is_Band posted...
Gonna tag this thread and answer later. On my phone atm so cant view skill tree.

ty buddy
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3 years ago#6
Ok first, a good level to aim for is 70. It's pretty fast/easy to get to 70...and I'd say most people (90% or so) end up switching characters at around that point. Yes, you can still level fairly fast till the 80's...but when making a build, aim for 70.

Second you get bonus skill points, but....not everyone gets 3 of the points due to there being other options (40 more base hp, 18% physical damage, faster cast speed boost etc). I'd say it's pretty safe to add 15 bonus skill points to the level your aiming for though, so making a build around 85 skill points is a pretty safe bet.

Ok now on to the crit builds. Freezing pulse should be your primary attack as it deals with groups much better then spear. Spear can be used vs single target....and at a decent range will have a very high crit chance (meaning high DPS and great chance to keep the enemy frozen (if it can be frozen). I usually have both set up on an ice crit build, though not on the same item (I need all 6 slots for my freezing pulse...I usually get by with a 4 slot for my spear).

As far as support gems for freezing pulse, there are tons of ways to support it...but my favorite includes LMP+improved crit chance+improved crit multipler+faster projectiles+power charge on crit.

Even vs bosses you can use your FP to quickly max out your power charges, then use it every so often to keep it maxed.

Meanwhile your spear needs improved crit/multiplier and I suggest added lightning damage (because crit lightning attacks cause shock...boosting damage greatly). Spear has a very high crit chance from the right range...high damage, and is excellent vs individual enemies.

I'll look at your build, but the basics of such a build is to try and get as much crit damage/multiplier as possible. I generally avoid the pure cold damage boosts since they are not that strong. Snagging the shock chance/duration boosts in the far nw side of the tree is great, as is getting the perm curse and extra curse nodes (2 perm curses on an enemy ....lets you drastically improve elemental damage and crit chance/multiplier on them....or just slow them down......with temp chains while still boosting crit chance drastically (more defensive method).
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3 years ago#7
Um, I looked at the build and I would change so many things. What are you planning on using that gains from AoE damage btw? Firestorm's area of effect increases but not the # of balls....(although the balls AoE increases a bit as well), but this can make it actually less effective in some ways. The AoE is nice for things like Ice Nova...but thats not going to be a big part of your build. If your going for a crit build, the AoE bonuses are probably not going to help that much (especially a crit ice build).

I actually find crit ice builds start better as shadows personally....but you can still make it work as a witch if you really want (since your gonna probably want the power charge node by witch anyway. In fact, you will be near the start point for Witches, shadows and templars all at one point if you want all 3 bonus power charges (which you do want). With the right wands you can even get more max power charges which really boost up your max crit chance.

One advantage of starting with shadow is it's not too far to get the nice node that boosts projectile speed as well. Projectile speed makes freezing pulse better...but means you need more distance to make full use of ice spear on enemies (not a huge deal though if your not getting any additional projectile speed from EQ...since you won't slot a faster projectile gem in your ice spear).

Here is a (very quick) build I'll put together for you, it's not optimal, but just shows a good way to put together a freezing pulse build.

It's not optimum, but it will get the job done. Ondars is there to get your evasion up for ranged attacks. You'll need to make sure your resists are up to help with spells, but ranged attacks are the bane of ice crit builds (since you can pretty much keep melee enemies off you easily (unless they teleport), it's the ranged enemies that can really thrash you quick). If you wear evasion/eshield armor when you can....and if not using a unique item grab as much evasion as possible, you can get your ranged evasion rating up there pretty high.

As far as crit is concerned, you get almost as much crit chance as possible (the big nodes at least), while focusing strongly on multiplier. this is because if you go dual wand, you can get up to 8 power charges (each of which give 28% bonus spell damage, and 50% increased crit chance). That is a total of 400% crit chance just from power, while you want more from nodes, the multiplier is much more important (especially for ice spear since you'll max out anyway).

Multiplier goes into effect AFTER all the other damage modifiers (spell damage etc) it's a huge increase in damage. With the dual wand setup you end up with something like +140% spell damage per wand (then you add in the nodes etc, and your over 300% total spell damage boost). Next you multiply that by whatever your crit multiplier is (Well over 300% with this build) it's basically 12x base damage or something when all is said and done.

Freeze duration is based on the amount of damage you do, so you can easily keep enemies frozen non-stop with this setup. The high crit multiplier will also help with shocking enemies when using ice spear....and shock itself is yet ANOTHER multiplier of your damage...making things pretty sick.
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3 years ago#8
Wolfy got most of em.
3 years ago#9
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