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Is Flicker Strike / Multistrike / Melee Splash viable in endgame? (Archived)xtacb711/1/2013
Enemies (Archived)onionmaster410/31/2013
Troubleshooting a build (Archived)ShinesmanOW410/31/2013
PSA: There is a reward for killing Merciless Dominus. (Archived)Ryyaann_Is_Band210/31/2013
How do you deal with rubber banding? (Archived)
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Standard,Dominator & Nemesis League (Archived)Mr_Karate210/31/2013
Trade mid-high level cast on kill for a lower lor lvl1 cast on kill? (Archived)RemakeMe110/31/2013
Possible to transfer items between Domination and Nemesis chars? (Archived)HighOnPhazon310/31/2013
all my characters are gone? (Archived)UnknownKid36810/31/2013
To anyone (like me) who didn't pay much attention to the story.... (Archived)Sponggles110/31/2013
Err, about my account... (Archived)Thalandor46210/31/2013
Just started the game today, question about the socket-able gems. (Archived)Justice98405510/31/2013
Eldritch battery Question (Archived)SunCeFan810/31/2013
One week of release and 1.0.1 Support Gem teaser + This Morning's News (Archived)Ryyaann_Is_Band110/30/2013
Has this improved much from open beta? (Archived)Vaz126910/30/2013
I picked a witch and realized that the bow is really fun. Is that viable? (Archived)vegeta415710/30/2013
Can someone recommend me a build? (Archived)allanvvu310/30/2013
Truth is out There! Right Here Actually ( Pissed Off Rant INSIDE) (Archived)
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Could anyone spare 5 minutes to take a look at my build and offer any advice? (Archived)kingsworth510/30/2013
Please read this if your client has been patched literally dozens of times. (Archived)Marikhen210/30/2013
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