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How viable is a Summoner Witch ? (Archived)
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Is the game still maxing HP with melee being completely non-viable? (Archived)thebestestbest611/5/2013
So here's an interesting bug (300 uniques dropped) (Archived)veralece711/5/2013
Critical questions (Archived)ShinesmanOW611/5/2013
Beginner question regarding Scrolls of Wisdom (Archived)Reih711/5/2013
What does q of skill gems mean? quality? i dont see that on my gems... (Archived)
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Last question: If i want to do a magic user do I have to play a witch? (Archived)lazy_titan911/5/2013
Scion probably the worse Spectral Throw user. (Archived)RemakeMe711/5/2013
Unique price check for a noob (Archived)Cao Biao411/5/2013
Iron Grip? Spell projectiles too? (Archived)RemakeMe411/5/2013
New Content (Archived)NevenDar311/5/2013
Life or armor nodes for spectral throw Scion (Archived)
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Wrapping my head around Spectral Throw (Archived)Thalandor46911/5/2013
So then (Archived)amanoob211/5/2013
Desync really ruins the game (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ]
Is this game right for me? Seems kinda boring. (Archived)Excalibur99311/5/2013
Rate my Build (Marauder Tank) (Archived)Q_Sensei811/4/2013
Trying to get into this game again. (Archived)Ork_Hero611/4/2013
My only complaint about this game so far. (Archived)
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Witch advise? (Archived)
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