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5 years ago#1
whoever has a headset or microphone add me


i use all classes evenly (tho on the PC i use huntress only lol)

its driving me crazy how bad ps3 players are compared to the pc, mainly because pc players just type whatever they need to say all the time, but ps3 users NEVER got that luxury, and are mostly stupid as to what to do, it enrages me, so please have a headset or microphone....or something else that can be used like a mike, (my friend uses a bluetooth hand camera lol)
5 years ago#2
Lvl? And how fast do you level up / how much do you play.

I've a lvl 16 apprentice, and don't play a lot so gain maybe 1-3 levels a day (some days I don't play).

I agree that there are so many dumbasses and then you can't even tell them what to do as they don't have a mic. Example - huntresses that refuse to repair their traps and constantly let them explode. I know sometimes you can't help it but they literally never do.

If I'm similar level to you, my psn: Celdazero.
,.-'(31|)4'-. It's obvious...All fools should agonize and scream!-God Rugal
5 years ago#3
note: i play daily, and to put it simply, i just got the ps3 verson yesterday (already maxed all 4 classes on pc) and my teams already level 10 average...i player for maybe only 4 hours yesterday (but i bought it late at night lol) il usually play 6-8 hours a day (or more)

im a hardcore gamer, here to max everything and beat everything, including DLC stages and characters

also im still on, and will be for the next 7 hours non stop *because of this, my team average will increase over tonight, so expect it almost at 20 in 7 hours from this post*
5 years ago#4
LOL - I'll be on in a bit and let's game for a bit?
,.-'(31|)4'-. It's obvious...All fools should agonize and scream!-God Rugal
5 years ago#5
you have to accept my friend request first lol
5 years ago#6
Doing some stuff in the house right now - will be on the PS3 in 30-45~.

By the way, you said you have lvl 70 chars on the PC. I'm a newb in comparison, so I may not know some things, but I'm not a dumbass (I know to repair stuff, and to defend the crystal if necessary, etc.)
,.-'(31|)4'-. It's obvious...All fools should agonize and scream!-God Rugal
5 years ago#7
you can add me, but Ill wait till you a much higher level before I play with ya

psn nobody7x7
"Apparently the phrase "mile high club" equals sex to some and COD to others lol" -wretchedsmurf
5 years ago#8
also just wanted to add that I am a competent player. I've beaten summit on insane several times, and also monster fest on medium. I'd of beaten glitterhelm on insane if I can just get a good group of players to assist
"Apparently the phrase "mile high club" equals sex to some and COD to others lol" -wretchedsmurf
5 years ago#9
well il just throw out tips anyway xD :

huntresses: your traps HP = how many charges they have, the more hp, the larger the charges. this starts at 2 charges, but can get very large very quickly, note that each additional charge requires more and more trap HP, and around 7-9 trap HP you should throw points into repair speed and trap radius

Huntress: you can REPAIR your traps charges, so they last longer. basically its ok to upgrade them as long as you keep them repaired, generally, make sure your traps dont lower below 3 in early game, and 7 in late game (this way if something happens like armored goblin mobs appearing or wyvrens groups, you have time to take them out before your traps die)

Huntress: dont upgrade your shots per second past 7 or 8, just upgrade your damage at that point, you will get more DPS from damage the from shots at that point (or just upgrade your recharge speed or max quiver if available)

Huntress: unless your on later stages where there is so much mana its disappearing because you cant use it all, STOP TURNING INVISIBLE, ITS A HUGE WASTE OF MANA (altho on later stage with tons of mana, use it to repair defences, but dont believe the description. enemies still can and will hit you with AOE attacks, just not normal attacks. Warriors: your archer towers can attack up and down ward, making them the only real trap able to kill a wyvren besides monks with a huge radius stat. so place outward archer traps near the crystal on later levels (i believe stage 5 +)

warriors: your archer towers can attack downward, so throw them IN HIGHER PLACES, a fantastic example is stage 2: foundries and forges, you would place your archer towers by the anvils near the crystal (and behind the forge) that way they can attack downward easily, and never really be attacked or destroyed unless the enemy invasion gets past all your lower defenses (and even then, these things have hp, you will notice them being attacked before there dead)

warriors: your cannon ball traps bounce, but there also affected by gravity, and they dont disappear untill they get a slow enough speed. so unlike other traps, put them on top of stairs and high places, kinda like archer towers, but more so up stairs then in high places, that way they keep rolling down and bouncing around, hitting a bunch of enemies, and not stoping untill the end of the stairs, because the downward slope keeps its movement speed high enough to not move

WARRIORS X MAGES: if your playing together, use mage guards instead of warrior guards, the mage guards only take one defence point each, and warriors take alot more, also everyone knows you really only use these barriers to clump enemies together and stop them at a choke point, so that other towers and traps can hit them easier, and the mage barrier remove a enemies element, meaning monks can still hit with there eletric auras, mages still hit with there elemental towers, and huntresses still stop enemies with there poison traps.

Monks: if your gonna make auras, at LEAST get your radius stat to like 25 or 30, making a bunch of small auras is a HUGE defence point waste

DPS characters: dont use mana on your mainly useless skills, throw stats into repair speed and repair/upgrade random things, dont make your own, yours suck anyway

the hero speed: you never really need to walk faster then default, it has a low cap of 20, and your equiptment will most likly bring you there at later levels with ease. dont add this, if you did, buy a re-spec at a reasonable level later on and use those points on something else.

Beginners: dont worry about your stats to to much, most stats max at 50, but every couple levels you start getting more and more skill points per level, you can easily max your build, and then some

DPS stats: sence hero speed is useless, you really only max hp and attack, so other then that, you should max your traps HP for the barrier, trap hp, or monks max trap radius, and everyone should max trap repair speed, other then that, ul have a 5th stat of your picking for the rest of the points (unless your a hybrid character)

support warriors: you are mostly useless for strategy, if you wana make a strategy warrior, just make a second DPS one, then re-spec him MUCH later on ( almost all early levels of spport warrior untill 30 or 40 are useless, sence most traps wont help / other support classes outrank you, but later on your support can be extremly useful and relied on

note on mages, dont go hybrid, it just make you 100% useless. pick support or DPS, or change classes

Note on hero speed: on some challenges and for PVP, re-spec and max this. running faster then others helps tons in pvp, and some challenges like warping core or chicken, hero speed can make you or break you, other then that, keep this at 0
5 years ago#10
that post was so long, i didnt see your post pheonix, but sure. also if your that high, a good idea is to make both builds of characters

so ul have 8 characters, a support and DPS build for both, on build phase change to support and build the defences, then before it ends, change to the DPS verson, that way you get the best of both worlds keep the DPS users mana tho, if your that high of a level you should have maxed trap repair speed, or you can just use it in a pinch
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