What should I be upgrading stats on an Apprentice Tower Build

#1NCPwnPosted 11/15/2011 1:37:04 PM
When upgrading my equipment, should I try to pump the most points into tower life, damage, or cast rate?

Or is there a cap?

Also when getting armor, is there a prefered set? Leather, Plate, mail?

I don't understand the differences between them.

Right now i have like 110 tower life, 130 tower damage, and 110 tower cast speed.

Something like .82 sec for fire towers cast speed. Doing around 2,100 damage .
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#2blaza192Posted 11/15/2011 1:45:09 PM
I am pretty sure pristine is considered the best since it has the highest overall resistance.

For the tower build, I am pretty sure that you are going to want to max the 4 tower stats. Each caps at 70, but it can be brought higher with equipment as you mentioned. Before you reach your hero level cap, you will have a few spare points. I would consider adding it to Hero Speed (increases movement speed) or Hero Attack Speed (increases speed of creating and repairing towers). You are going to need to be able to move around the map quickly to make your towers in insane and then you will probably switch to a DPS character before the Combat Phase starts.
#3NCPwn(Topic Creator)Posted 11/15/2011 3:41:14 PM
Thanks for the reply. And I've pretty much done what you say more or less.

I've put 70 into each tower stat, and the remaining into speed/cast speed.

So if I Understand you right, getting a full set of leather will never be more advantageous than getting a full set of pristine?

I'd like to rephrase the question a little.

After you have put 70 points into your tower stats, which ones should you be trying to max of the tower stats? For example, is 100 or 110 or 130 a good point to stop? Should I max one stat like damage to 150 or so and waste all my armor upgrades on one stat or are the diminishing returns.

For example, at around 120 tower speed, adding +10 only dropped my fire rate by 0.6 secs But if i spent 10 points into tower damage taking it up to 120 I gained 100 more dps per tower.

My question is, is there a determined limit one should strive to get stats.

I'd also like to comment on having two characters. I made this guy full tower build, but I also pumped my element on my staff up really high. I have 0 points spent into hero damage (besides the +45 that my armor has given me). I do 50,000 dps which is enough for me to down Ogres in one shot on hard, and maybe 3 to 4 sec on insane. Even 4 player insane ogres take 25sec or so to kill with their 1 million+ life.

So if you can up that stat and get crazy 50k damage while spending no points into hero, then why should you have a different character.

Unless you mean, so you can have max life, max run speed, and max casting speed ? But then how does armor affect towers? All + 50 tower damage is that stored on the tower when i create it, or do i lose that if i change characters?

I've been able to run every level solo on my apprentice with no character switching (no using monk or squire to help me) and managed to do every level on hard, and up to the throne room on insane. (ramparts insane is the only one past throne room that i've beaten). This is all solo.

I find I'm really outgearing people when I go online, even hero speced Huntreses.

Thanks for any advice.
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#4blaza192Posted 11/15/2011 5:41:42 PM(edited)
If a leather has better overall tower stats than any pristine you have, you could use it unless you plan to take the character to combat phase since you will probably need those extra resistance. Also, there is a 20% or 25% (I think 25% is for PC) armor stat bonus if you wear the same set.

Other info: http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Armor

I am pretty sure there are diminishing returns for stats but I do not know much about them. I still see builds though that pump Tower Damage. I usually see 100+/250/100+/100+.

"Unless you mean, so you can have max life, max run speed, and max casting speed ? But then how does armor affect towers? All + 50 tower damage is that stored on the tower when i create it, or do i lose that if i change characters?"

Hero Damage does not scale with elemental damage. It only scales with non-elemental damage (white). If you use a Tower Build Apprentice for the combat phase, you will not have max hero stats, so yes you are correct. You will have a hard time running around, your casting speed is slow so you cannot repair towers quickly, you will probably die quickly as well, especially since you are a squishy apprentice (although a DPS apprentice would probably want to increase their armor resistance).

The stats of a tower is dependent on the character that created it; even if you change characters, the stats are kept. However, if you change armor/weapon/guardian the towers will switch the stats it has to the armor you just changed in. I actually have not tested the previous statement myself, but if you level up and increase Tower Health, you will notice that the HP of the towers go down. I am pretty sure the same thing occurs with equipment and the rest of tower stats - the game takes the current stat of the character that created the tower.

"So if you can up that stat and get crazy 50k damage while spending no points into hero, then why should you have a different character"
It is quite difficult to solo the later stages in the later difficulties. If you are using a mage, you probably have to use a Lightning Tower with your fireball towers. Lightning Tower costs 7 DU while a Monk's Lightning Aura costs 3 DU (lightning tower was buffed in the PC version). I also like the variety in the classes. There are also staffs that have pretty good modification for tower stats. Spirit Champion's Mageblade has a good tower attack stat; Goblin Overlord's Charge has tower range and speed.

Right now, I have a Tower Apprentice, Squire, and Monk. I also have a DPS Squire and Huntress. Combining them (Tower Apprentice and Monk for setup and Huntress for DPS), I can solo Glitterhelm while I have two characters afk (more drops and so they can also get XP). I am pretty sure I would not be able to do that if I just had one character. I have also been farming The Summit for a good Draconis Ignis (Tower Squire for setup and huntress for dps with two afk apprentice). Edit: My brother also plays sometimes, so I try to have characters that he can use that is equal to the others.

I would put more info, but I have a test in two hours I have to study for. I was also going to put some more links but I have limited internet access here. Just skimmed through it; I might add later.
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Thanks for the post, Answered a lot of my questions.

Seeing all the awesome buffs apprentices are getting makes me sad that we don't have it yet on the ps3.
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