Power leveling and farming for high level armor..

#1rogue_leader_1Posted 2/8/2013 3:25:42 PM
Add me if you wish.. PSN the_muzic_man, add gamefaqs to the comment below friend request or message me if my FL is full and I'll remove someone not playing and add you.

my heros:

lvl 81 dps huntress, lvl 76 dps mage, lvl 74 twr huntress, lvl 73 twr knight, lvl 72 twr monk.

I mostly play on the weekends a lot since I work through the week. I'm looking to power level on mistymire insane+ of course and grind on whatever maps that give lv l90+ armor. I also have all the dlc maps so that's not a problem. I play with a mic when I can (that is when my house is not full of peeps). Just tired of getting kicked from public matches, that's no fun! I look forward to playing with some of you who enjoy the game as much as I do.