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3 years ago#1
Just want to say i am having a lot of fun. i just got my first toon to level 70, and im working on my 2nd. i have come across a lot of helpful randoms, that seriously gave me a boost. i am so glad that i took a chance at this game, because i haven't had this much addicting game play in a long time.

so the reason for this thread. Anyone that is interested in playing from time to time, whether it be, grinding, powerleveling, what ever, feel free to add me. i see myself playing this game till Bioshock Infinite comes out "finger crossed".

psn in sig.

also any tips would be great :)
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3 years ago#2
I will look you up when i get home from work and my errands.
Look for add request from RPGER
Anything in paticular you are looking for in tips?
I learned that if you are wearing the same type of armour(say all leather) it glows blue and i think that would count for having a complete set.

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