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3 years ago#1
What's going on everybody? I know that this game can be difficult at times, but some of these challenges are ridiculous. If anybody can give me some tips or lend a hand and help me knock out a challenge or two I would be extremely grateful. The challenge(s) I'm having the hardest time with are Moving Core, No Towers Allowed, Assault, and Wizardry on the INSANE difficulty. I hate those wizards more than anything, and I'm dying to get those challenge rewards. My psn is the same as my gamefaqs username.

I have a few characters, but my tower squire is the highest level, about 70-71. Any builds or info would be great.

I'm always down to power level, farm, or just pass the time playing the game at any level. Thanks in advance.
3 years ago#2
Wizardry is definitely a pain. Not the "hardest" but definitely the most annoying challenge to overcome. I can definitely help with these when I'm on, but I play nights and weekends... I got friends who can prolly help knock all of these out though.

Check me out psn s-laughter
3 years ago#3
I can also help with challenges as well. It seems I've been doing that more for others lately in public games.

Moving Core, I just 'ride' the crystal and destroy everything with my DPS App or Huntress. I rarely setup anything.

No Towers Allowed is a breeze with at least 2 very strong DPS characters (recommended: App or Huntress)

Wizardry, in my opinion, can be what I call 'annoyingly challenging' but I found it's 'easier' (that's saying alot) with a DPS Huntress using a Soul Focuser since it can shoot through walls/floors.

Assault, some argue, is actually 'easy' once you learn a pattern or strategy with it, but there are time where even I screw up and get killed. When that happens, I take my DPS Huntress with my Shai Hulud and mow down everything for a clear line to the crystals.

Again, I can help you if you'd like. I'm by far not the best player out there, but I can hold my own in just about everything, and would be happy to help if you allow me.

I have:

81 (about to be 82) DPS Huntress; 72 Traptress
80 DPS Apprentice; 70 Tower App (about to be deleted)
74 Tower Monk; 74 DPS Monk
74 Tower Squire; 72 DPS Squire
XBL GT: Supreme Entity --- PSN ID: Supreme_Entity
I Speak Without Sound, But My Word Is Law!
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