What kind of a glitch is this? Is it a glitch?

#1Critcal50Posted 8/10/2013 7:46:56 AM
Yesterday me and my friend started playing this. We were on the 4th level. He had a staff that shoots out in a \|/ kind of shape. Anyways he died while we were in the 4th level, and he COULD NOT use a weapon anymore. He tried picking up a weapon during the battle and nothing appeared in his hands, even on my screen. The attack command wouldn't work. Although before he switched weapons, his other staff was still in his inventory and equipped. We lost to the giant dual wielding boss and got sent back to the tavern. When we got there, he had the staff he picked up in his hands and could attack again. But he went in his item box and equipped his old staff and it didn't appear in his hands. It was late when this happened, so we didn't feel like finding a fix. Can anyone tell me what happened?