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always returning to title screen (Archived)altimitt110/28/2012
a gift (Archived)Josquius14/14/2012
This is what happens when we beg Bioware to answer every question (Archived)BonnabinTheDire13/4/2012
No Automatic Epilogue Save (Archived)firepixie12/28/2011
Where can i download Dragon Age: origin Witch Hunt/never follow me/ 1.1 ? (Archived)gyarreto12/3/2011
how do i translate the elven relics book? (Archived)peasofme11/20/2011
Should I beat Awakening to play this? (Archived)silver_hobbes31/8/2011
It took me longer to get this thing to install than it did to play. (Archived)btsnyc11/8/2011
install confusion (Archived)IqarP15412/11/2010
post-game save? to DA2? (Archived)zoicno411/21/2010
I keep on getting the Error Message "Unable to Load Area" (Archived)Reaper42562111/11/2010
Spoil it for us (SPOILERS... Duh!) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
The Deadpool2011/9/2010
Weird dialog (Archived)Nider211/9/2010
does Bioware have the stones to make things right? (Archived)FastEddie2121710/20/2010
Who's played it? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
auto save (Archived)link882110/4/2010
What's the ending that was bugged out before? *SPOILERS, DUH* (Archived)Vintus310/3/2010
**Spoilers** Witch Hunt Ending - Is it just me? (Archived)Meli55a210/2/2010
Can i get a spolier free answer,how long is it? (Archived)
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I hate you Bioware you incompetent fools. (Archived)Nova Stalker39/23/2010
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