Anyone want a Guide / FAQ?

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6 years ago#1
If you want a Guide or FAQ, post what on...

Do NOT say drop list, because I am currently (about to start playing) making one while I create a new character.

Note to this drop list: I will not post items unless I am 100% confident that the set monster does drop this item. If you say a monster does, I will try for no more than 10 minutes to confirm this or not.

I can make FAQs or Guides on skill building (I have a level 99 sin, got a level 54 dit last night in 2 hours but it didn't save and went to home button when I plugged my ipod into wall), main quests, side quests, if you really want I can list out each skill and say what it does at each level... and much more. Ask me questions, I will try to answer to the best of my ability as soon as I can.
6 years ago#2
Would u be able to list the skill tree for assassin path in this game? I am kinda in a dilemma to allocate the points. Thanks
6 years ago#3
Maybe a Faq based on the quests?
Like where to go, who to talk to? Directions?
6 years ago#4
A guide on skill builds would be kinda cool.
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6 years ago#5
its not too hard on which skills to put points in. if you're going to be a bandit, you dont need lucky 7. if you're going to be a assassin, you dont need double stab but my female friend added points into it. she fails lol
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  3. Anyone want a Guide / FAQ?

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