Animal, Location & Mission Lists on Google Docs

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Great stuff, the maps are a HUGE help with regards to finishing those locational challenges!
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Sticky requested, thank you very much.
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bumpity bump
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Great source of info, thanks a lot. If a mod sees, I request this is stickied too.
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Please request this as a sticky, guys~ or at least maybe Kiryen could submit GIF versions of the map(s) to the FAQ section?
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Requested as sticky. Also here's a bump.
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ZEOPOWER6 posted...
maybe Kiryen could submit GIF versions of the map(s) to the FAQ section?

I didn't draw the maps though, otherwise I would.
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A recommendation if I can offer it - since the info itself is very useful for both the JP and ENG versions of the game, would it be advisable to change the "translation" column to a "what the eng version says" version? On the face of it it sounds minor, but the guide would then be universal.

For example, today I had a costume event called "An A-list celebrity has been spotted", which is currently translated on the GoogleDocs page as "A stylish charmer has been spotted".

Similarly, a couple of the map names are slightly off - Shrine Bridge is called something like Bujin-Shinsu or somesuch.