Animal, Location & Mission Lists on Google Docs

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A recommendation if I can offer it - since the info itself is very useful for both the JP and ENG versions of the game, would it be advisable to change the "translation" column to a "what the eng version says" version? On the face of it it sounds minor, but the guide would then be universal.

For example, today I had a costume event called "An A-list celebrity has been spotted", which is currently translated on the GoogleDocs page as "A stylish charmer has been spotted".

Similarly, a couple of the map names are slightly off - Shrine Bridge is called something like Bujin-Shinsu or somesuch.

I think it would also require people to post the info here since all of the information gathered was from Japanese wikis about the game and this was originally intended to help players with the Japanese edition of the game. It's roughly the same though... like "Used Clothing Store" became Vintage Threads or something and so on. Some things were not translated but they were romanized.

If you can post the event names/place names, I think then Kiryen can edit?

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maybe Kiryen could submit GIF versions of the map(s) to the FAQ section?

I didn't draw the maps though, otherwise I would.

You could make your own versions of the maps and then post them... or perhaps we can get screenshots of each individual area somehow and then place the information on there? I could try to post screengrabs of each area's map.
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Yeah, I was surprised to they didn't make it Jingu Bridge or Shrine Bridge. Oh well.
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If you see anything that's incorrect, post it on the To-Do page and I'll get to it as soon as I can. Also, if anyone wants editing permissions, just message me and I'll add you as an editor (you'll need a Google account).

I haven't gotten the game yet because I keep forgetting to buy a PSN card.
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Most useful topic on the boards. Request sticky.