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3 years ago#141
Cheetah: 102 years

Tuxedo run, nothing else of interest.
3 years ago#142
ERC-003: 100 years

Tuxedo run

Finally got the Lord of the Chimps to unlock my last purchasable item. It's a Top Knot, which appears to allow any animal to increase their pack size, as opposed to the Kingly Mane that only works with predators.

My run came to an unexpected end when trying to fight a crocodile. It was almost dead when it hit me and managed to perform a lethal lunge on me. 400+ life gone to a critical hit. :( I've killed crocs before with this robo-dog; I didn't expect to die like that.
3 years ago#143
Black Panther: 102 years

Tuxedo run, last generation change at year 78, didn't bother to mate again since it wouldn't net me any stats, almost died of old age exclusively, but I ran into some people, so they killed me instead. Started the run with 138 life, now I have 243; quite a nice boost for a single run.
3 years ago#144
Black Panther: 132 years

Tuxedo run (#22), new personal record for years lived.
3 years ago#145
Tosa: 104 years

Tuxedo run (barely, since I ignored challenges to go after something else)

I let the new point promotion for the next two weeks pick my animal for this run. I wanted to die before 100 so I wouldn't come and post this, but my Tosa got lucky. I've recently been trying to prepare the panther for the crocodile paradise event, but this currently weaker Tosa got the opportunity to try the event in the shop district, and he succeeded, due to the stupidity of the crocodile boss allowing my pack to defeat him while I stayed out of the way. I now have the Jumbo Skates added to my item collection, and my panther can rest for awhile. I think I'm only missing two more items, based on the information I've found in another topic. One should be a hard hat(?) from hyenas occupying an area(?). The other appears to be clothing for the chimp, and I have no idea what that event would be.

Encountered a new event at the beginning of this run: An A-list celebrity had been spotted in {location}. I was hoping that celebrity would have been the chimp with clothing that I need, but it seemed there was no boss target. There were just a lot of weak grazers (chicks, rabbits, chickens, and deer) that were very hostile. It was funny watching the baby chicks try to attack.
3 years ago#146
Pomeranian: 118 years

One generation change short of a tuxedo run. Started as an 8th generation, so my stats weren't that great. Nothing really special happened in this run, but since it is a small, weak animal, this felt more like an accomplishment than my recent 100+ year runs.
3 years ago#147
Fat Cat

Had four 100+ year runs this past week, plus a few I held back since mating wasn't going to improve stats. With the last one, he became my first "max stat" animal at generation #72.
3 years ago#148

Four 100+ runs since I finished the fat cat. My tosa is around the mid 50s on generations and is 21 attack points short of maxing all his stats. Since the tosa point promotion is over, I won't try for anymore 100+ runs with this guy anymore when getting those last attack points.

I'm quite surprised at how well this dog fought the homo erectus. It sort of helps that my pack can charge and knock them down.

The points on my third and fourth 100+ year runs also surprised me. My third run went to 103 years and became my new high score, but then my fourth run (117 or 118, I think) beat that score while still in the 90s. I'm not sure where these extra points are coming from, since I didn't see anything too different between these two runs. Must have been calories; I can't really keep track of those every run.
3 years ago#149
I've got a pretty funny story with my 103 year Sheep run. It starts with the run immediately preceding it.

It was funny because I had just had a full 0 with the Sheep the run before. I immediately spawned into Beagles, who I managed to outrun - only to trigger another pack of them in the Shop District.

I missed my Tux by ~40 kcal on a B challenge or something on the 103 year run. This game doesn't always troll, but when it does, it trolls hard.

Those were my first and second runs with the Sheep.
I like Monster Rancher.
3 years ago#150

Bipeds are getting 1.3x calories, so I've constantly played with this guy. I think that makes about nine 100+ year runs with him, receiving a tuxedo with each run. This guy doesn't fear much, making the game very easy with him. The biggest pre-100 year threat he encountered was a recovering ecosystem event in the shop district where a bunch of lion cubs managed to make multiple calls for help when chasing sheep away from me, so I never even saw them to stop them. The alley was filled with lions and my pack was too stupid to keep hitting them. I nearly lost it all fighting all those lions with nowhere to escape.

I now have three "max stat" animals, and I'd like to try that with a grazer, but I haven't finished collecting equipment from events yet, so I have to keep playing a predator. I used to see one of these events occur quite often when I first started this game, but it never seems to show up anymore. :(
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