Ninja Theory , Team Ninja, Platinum Games: who is the ideal developer for DMC

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People who have such faith in saying "Capcom" must be these Devil May Cry 2 fanboys I keep hearing about.....

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Team Ninja, jiggle and obliteration techniques. :o

I'd want Platinum to make it. I would pick Team Ninja over Ninja Theory though. Half-Devil Gaiden. I haven't seen what Ninja Theory did with the gameplay yet though. But Ninja Theory isn't my favorite developer with Ninja in it's name(Not even close). Hence why it lost out. lol
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Team Ninja ftw. New Metroid = proof of their ability to take a great game, make some slight changes to gameplay and it come off epic.

joke post.
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Platinum, but make sure the people who mad DMC 3 what it was are there to back them up, and thus create a happy balance.
The combo-depth of Bayonetta with the storytelling of DMC 3 (eg: devoid of quicktime events and knowing what's happening).
The weapon customization of Bayonetta with the boss battles of DMC 3 (eg: devoid of quicktime events and easily repeatable for the sake of experimentation and fun).
The dodging mechanics of Bayonetta with the super moves of DMC (eg: CAN YOU SEE WHERE I'M GOING WITH THIS!?)
And, b/c it's made by Platinum, you can have an unlockable Bayonetta costume fore a Trish or something like that.
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I personally did not like the ninja gaiden series. They would get the hack and slashh right but it would be another pointless violent game where the story is the back seat. Or in Team Ninja's case, the trunk. Platinum games would be an interesting choice. However I feel semi confident with ninja theory.