so when do u think it will be out? i bet 2012 or 2013

#11ChrisTheHeroPosted 9/17/2010 3:06:21 PM
I hope it comes out when they change the character model to Dante from DMC4
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#12ShinkuEXPosted 9/17/2010 3:09:23 PM
I see Summer 2011. That's when very few major titles come out and it's definitely a way to get big sales going. I say that would be good marketing strategy.

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#13BerserkNinjaPosted 9/17/2010 4:28:22 PM
December 21 2012. The world ends and no one has to ever see this piece of crap.
#14AFreebyPosted 9/17/2010 4:30:31 PM
I'm hoping both NT and Capcom burn to the ground before this trash can be released.
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#15PasdaranPosted 9/17/2010 4:34:32 PM

From: 2dvh | #002
Hopefully never.

#16ultimatedantePosted 9/17/2010 4:37:19 PM
Q2 2011
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