A message from Kamiya

#1EurashalPosted 9/17/2010 1:11:15 PM
Just found this on the Capcom forums:


For those interested.
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#2Hvv0l24n9Posted 9/17/2010 1:16:39 PM
I'm doing exactly as he says. And I've been telling people that DMC3-4 Dante isn't even like DMC1 Dante as well.

Great, Kamiya. You should still come back to Capcom, though.
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#3xnamkcorPosted 9/17/2010 1:17:34 PM
Dante never became the Prince of Persia.
#4SonyOwnzSeattlePosted 9/17/2010 1:21:09 PM
Capcom is a horrible company that stifles creativity. You don't have entire teams of talented people leaving Capcom because the atmosphere is pleasant.

Kamiya is happy where he is. Look forward to more success from Platinum Games.