The Capcom meeting that led to DMC.

#1MusicMagicMythPosted 9/17/2010 6:59:46 PM
Capcom Guy 1: We need to make a new Devil May Cry.

Capcom Guy 2: The last one didn't do too well because we didn't advance the gameplay.

Capcom Guy 1: So you're saying we should try and make a great genre defining game?

Capcom Guy 2: **** no, that takes work. Let's do nothing to the core gameplay but change everything else.

Capcom Guy 1: You know what's popular now? Western developers. Let's have them make our game.

Capcom Guy 2: Great idea, because only western developers can make games that sell in the west.

Young Capcom employee: Haven't you make hundreds of millions of dollars in their market while making games how you want? I mean, I don't see Fallout: Mushroom Kingdom, I don't see killstreaks in Mario Kart, I don't see Metal Gears of War, maybe the problem is you.

Capcom Guy 1: The economy is bad right now.

Capcom Guy 2: Which sucks for you because you're fired.
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Anyway, while it's too early to judge the gameplay I'm fairly certain it won't be that different. It may have a new gimmick as they all do but the reboot was definitely done to overshadow a game series that was unfortunately going nowhere.
I am whole mission against you today.
MGO: xMatin is dumbx