Keiji Inafune says games at TGS 2010 were bad as if his DmC wasnt bad...

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Heres a tip for you all, BUY THE LAST GUARDIAN! Don't buy any of this scumbag's games. He's just like Bobby Kotick all in it for the money.

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Like every other developer out there? Cause its a business? No developer out there actually cares about the fans. They care about money. Everything they do is for money, even if they dress it up as being about the fans, or the "art" of the games, as insane as comparing games to art is.

It is about money. Capcoms franchises began to stagnate. Monster Hunter was failing worldwide, only beig sucessful in Japan, so they released it on the Wii instead of the PSP or PS3 to appeal to more people.RE was rebuit from the ground up to appeal to more people. They are doing the same for DMC, because the above worked. Capcom only cares about sales, just like everyone else in the industry. They dont care about you, the fans, they care about people who arent fans.
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CAPCOM makes good games but i fear they did this to them selfs...they have always wanted to make games that appeal to westerners...just be jap and make a jap game with subtitles english!...they are running them selfs into the ground trying to be like USA games...i think the only reason why they are 5 years behind is that it takes them so long to have or make new ideas for a game they want to produce.
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*eats some raisinets and watches the fun*

Monkey wrench time! Wasn't DMC 1 actually supposed to be the original RE 4?

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Yes it was.
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