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6 years ago#1
You are a ignorant fool...I would laugh at you anywhere not just the bar. You think that your design is "cool". It is terrible, and your going to run the series into the ground because your too goddamn stubborn, and for every 40 people there is 1 that says he likes the new design. Probably because he is emo or punk or whatever. So your screwed and digging yourself a bigger hole. Seriously, who wants to support that type of look. Its "cool" to look like a addict bum with eyeliner? No...just no.

I am not even the biggest Devil May Cry fan. I played all of them, but I know there are some big fans that have to be really bummed right now. I bet you even Capcom knows it screwed up at this point.
6 years ago#2
Please play the game first, before making such a rash judgment!

It only took us a year to get Dante's design down... so please just be patient. By 2022, we will be done the game and you will be amazed! (-:
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6 years ago#3
Tameem! LMFAO!
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6 years ago#4
You're just jealous of my perfect fashion sense, cool and up to the times.
6 years ago#5
omg tameem you're so cool

i want my hair like yours

thanks for posting
6 years ago#6
the gameplay may rock it wont feel like DMC with this guy
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6 years ago#7
I am a fan of old punk too like green day dookie, and rancid, but I just know the music is going to be terrible too because of the trailer. Its just sounds like whining.

The funny thing is he is definitely not changing the character design because that is basically admitting that he himself doesn't look cool.
6 years ago#8
yeah i just watched that interview...

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