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6 years ago#1
If this is a Prequal we have a little chance of having virgil since Vergil has been missing since they were like...10 and only meet back in DMC 3. So I kinda hope it is a Reboot because I realy want to see virgil when he was younger and some bother hacknslash action (i just hope they dont make vergil look like a crackhead cuz that goes aginst all his characteristics). So, what do you all think the backstory with virgil could be for this game?

Side note: There are like...600 other rehab people, do you think they also have demonic power?
6 years ago#2
I'd hate to see what NT would do to Vergil....
6 years ago#3
he probably will be seeing as in DMC 3 at the end dante said "what did we used to say again?" (cant remember the exact words) implying they might have worked together in the past
6 years ago#4
I was thinking that too but they might have done that when they were kids (which would be weird if they weren't halfies).
6 years ago#5
Why does everyone say that? In DMC3 Dante said it had been nearly a year since they last met. Not 10, lol.
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6 years ago#6
Mainly cuz the manga and the game are so diffrent some times its confusing weither you should even tie them together.
6 years ago#7
Oh okay, that makes sense.
Any Tree Can Drop An Apple
I'll Drop The Freaking Moon
6 years ago#8
Dante and Vergil occasionally bumped into each other between the time of their mom's death and the events of DMC3. It was 1 year since they last saw each other when DMC3 began so there would be no conflict.
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