I hate DMC

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6 years ago#1
I don't care what the critics say, or how well it plays. I'm not going to spend any of my time controlling emo-man
"Hold my hand, as we watch the world die." - Eva R
6 years ago#2
good for you. We dont care.
6 years ago#3
We don't care. Good for you.
The DmC board: The saddest place on gFAQs.
6 years ago#4
They say the new DMC is so horrible, that even a Dante May Cry.
6 years ago#5
We don't you. Good for care.
Ah, the internet...where the ones who AREN'T pedos can be considered strange. - Thrillhouse55
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6 years ago#6
i care, i care so much it hurts
6 years ago#7
i also hate this *** he is a *** nuff said
6 years ago#8
Good for we. You don't care.
6 years ago#9
Based on the new character I'm might hate "DMC" I love Devil May Cry though.
Fighting MF is like fighting Sephiroth, except every single attack is Heartless Angel
6 years ago#10
I think it's time for a care bear stare.
They say the new DMC is so horrible, that even a Dante May Cry.

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