Comparing new/old Dante brutality...

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Hopefully this game will show Dante maturing into the evil hating funloving person he is in DMC3 onwards.

He already is VERY brutal. You can't tell me that stabbing an enemy dozens of times per second, slicing them into the air, putting bullets through their bodies, then giving them a shotgun blast to send them back to hell isn't sadistic. Dante loves to kill these guys, and using lethal weapons isn't unforgiveable.

I saw someone else's post where they suggested it was a condescending threat. I see it the same way. Really the only thing that I saw that was out of character was that he was broody the entire time. I could even forgive the cigarrette thing if they intend to keep that as a character trait, though I honestly see a pizza stuck in his mouth more than a cig, but meh. I just hope they allow Dante to grow into being fearless and a trashtalker.

Dante always trashtalked, even in the first game. He taunts the major Demons, and gets serious with Mundus and Trish. Dante was a bigger loudmouth as a kid, and was meant to show his maturity into Devil May Cry. I want to see him mature from this into the careless, reckless kid he is in DMC3.

I wonder how the pizza would stay in his mouth during the entire slaughterfest...

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"Hopefully this game will show Dante maturing into the evil hating funloving person he is in DMC3 onwards."

I don't know why people thinks this will fit with the "old" storyline. Among other things if Capcom is changing Dante to appeal the players that like heroes like Kratos why they would change him back to his "non-cool" personality?
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I could see different ways it could be worked.

Dante thinks he's mortal. He finds out he can be stabbed multiple times and not die. He stops caring about being mortal anymore.

Dante is suffering because of his mom. He learns to cope and see the brighter side.

I'm REALLY hoping they don't make him a silent brooding angry person. I liked Dante and Kratos all the same, but I don't want Dante BEING Kratos either.
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