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6 years ago#1
I wanna know what the fans think he'll look like for the 'boot.

My guess is:

- A jock
- A business man
- Alex Jones
6 years ago#2
Just like Dante, duh, lol
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6 years ago#3
With his hair back and I guess better clothes....This is a no-brainer
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6 years ago#4
like Dante i think
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6 years ago#5
like dante, black hair like dante except his hair will be spiked. and a better fashion sense than dante. :P
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6 years ago#6
Obviously Vergil will look like this.
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6 years ago#7
he might look badass....who knows

otherwise I'm going to have to say they might make him look like voldo from soul calibur :s
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6 years ago#8
He would look like Gilver from the first DMC novel, except under all those bandages he'd have new Dante's look.
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6 years ago#9
He'll be Dante's nerdy study-dedicated brother.
Either that or emo.
And probably addicted to wow.
6 years ago#10
Vergil better look like the original or Capcom and NT have signed their death warrants.
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