What happend to dante?

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Yea i agreed
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He forgot how to use the search bar, and then turned emo.
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From: keijimaster | #022
He forgot how to use the search bar, and then turned emo.

Maybe it was a cloning gone wrong by Mundus... Yeah... that's it.

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i am curious about this game but i do wonder why the drastic change oh well no big deal if the game is worth it.
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"One day Dante, due to peer pressure, decided to try crystal meth/crack cocaine. Soon Dante's grades were slipping in school, he started to become distant from his family, and started committing crimes to fuel his need for smack. One day however Dante takes too much/gets some really bad stuff which winds up frying his mind and making him deranged forever. Waking covered in his own vomit Dante now believes that demons exist and that they are everywhere. Also the people in his family that are always riding his ass, his father and his twin brother, are now also demons too to help his mind explain away why they are always so mean to him and giving him a hard time about doing drugs. after going on a spree randomly beating up "demons", he goes back home, even though he was kicked out, and tries to kill his demonic father Sparta and his demonic brother Virgil. Virgil kicks his ass though and Dante is thrown into a mental institution where he spends his time killing demons in the fantasy world his druggy mind made for him.

And that, basically, is what happened to Dante. Basically instead of giving you a cool character to root for, Ninja Theory thought that it be cool to promote drug use and make a crack addict/meth head into a hero so that people who hate videogames, like Jack Thompson, can use this to further destroy the gaming industry and create more stipulations and rules on the industry.."

I won't be surprised if this really is the story XD

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