The japanese game industry is dead

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Heavy Rain had Norman Jayden. And what westerner WANTS an emo meth head? All of us universally hate it.
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Fallout 3 has drugs that the PC can get addicted to and Oblivion has Skooma.

...Ofcourse, Those are totally optional.
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From: Stink_Nasty | #005
What game has the main character as a drug addict?

don't know if this count as a drug addict, but doesn't Old Snake took just a little bit too much of those......"injections" throughout the whole of MGS4?
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I remember seeing a sports game where you could give your players steroid shots, it even had a little movie of the needle going into their butts, and then them getting a look of pain on their faces. Sadly I don't remember the name of the game.
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^ LOL! Blitz The League?

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Didnt that RE creator say himself that 'global appeal=Westerners are killing the japanese gaming industries?
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The only way these games are going to be accepted is if Americam devs like EA or insert any here get involved to Westernize this stuff for the so called "mainstream" audience. Imagine Final Fantasy=Dragon Age or something.
True hardcore gamers don't need Achievements/Trophies to be recognized as such!