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5 years ago#1
Tameem died of lung cancer from his constant smoking? That poor ugly pig's last words would probably be "Noooo! *pig grunts*!" Does that lardass even deserve a burial? Just looking at his putrid face is enough to make me LOL
5 years ago#2
It does not matter. As much as I don't like the direction that it seems this franchise has turned I blame Capcom. They wanted it. They went and looked for a western developer. Too bad they settled on one that has only produced a few mediocre games and that would rather create movies than games or they try to "elevate" games to movies.

Ninja Theory probably was more than happy to take this on. I wonder how they actually feel now seeing how unrelenting the fans are against this. Then, the Enslaved game and movie failure. You would think they would step back and think but my betting is that their egos are too big to do such a thing. The same can be said against Capcom. You would hope they would think,"Maybe the total change ain't such a good idea..."

But then, I doubt it. They have made horrendous gaming mistakes before. Too bad I bought one or two because I was assured by Capcom the game would be great. As much as this is my favorite franchise I will not make it with this one. I have very little hope in this game being good or fitting my idea of Dante and DMC. Too many things seem to be stacked against it. Pity.
5 years ago#3
I would liken it to a master painter who has ran dry on ideas, and has just quit, and asks his son to paint in his place, his son having tried to follow in his stead. The only problem is his son is a blind, mental patient who draws like a kindergartener, but thinks he is a descendant of Michelangelo.

In all seriousness though, you have a point about Capcom. They have gotten on the sales bandwagon and don't care about gameplay. Resident Evil? Let's saw screw you to the fans of the classic games AND resident evil 4! Here comes Gear of Evil 5! Mega Man? I don't even know what to make of that awful "Mega Man Universe" garbage. And now this. Honestly, why not Platinum Games, why not even any other company. NT is a bunch of talentless losers and that horrid s***head Tameem thinks he knows what is best for the series.
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