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6 years ago#1
this event take place before dmc3.isn't the young dante already told in dmc3?and also it said it take before dmc3 where dante not know bout his demon power.come on isn't vergil say something bout deomn power inside dante awaken after a first fight with vergil? and if this the youngest dante before dmc 3 it doesnt look so young to me.i think this totally crap of reboot
6 years ago#2
Agreed. In DMC 3, they already explained his ties with Vergil, plus they already went back to his twenties and explained how he got his devil powers. All the questions anybody had about Dante should have been more than answered in DMC3. What more can they say? How much farther back can they go? Because frankly, they COULD go back to when Dante was not born yet and let us play as Sparda, which would be cool. But no. The only reason why they wanted to go back to his teenage years was so they could dress him up like a homeless clown and impress all the angsty, emotional teens. I've never seen anybody look like such filth, ever. Hell, if you're going to "westernize" it, at least make him look like a normal person. Old Dante definitely didn't look "normal" but at least was stylish.

Frankly, I wanted to see some actual story. Not "The Adventures of Angsty, Ugly Teen Hobo in: Robot Takeover!" I know he was modeled after good ol piggy Tameem, explaining his hideousness, but honestly.
6 years ago#3
Btw, it's been really fuzzy if this is a reboot or a prequel. On one hand I hope it's a reboot, because as unnecessary as it is (the old Dante was not getting stagnant by any means), I can soundly ignore it. On the other hand, if it's a reboot, then there may be a line of sequels under this moniker....oh god.

But anything is better than a prequel. I would never accept this as canon. I really hope the series creator has something to say about this.
6 years ago#4
yeah they should give us some answer.i hope they said "hey guys don worry.this was a crap of reboot where original dante not here.happy?" if this take place before dmc3 it will become totally crap!
6 years ago#5
At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if NT re-did the whole DMC. Its been too long so we can only speculate they are reshaping the game after all the negative feedback. A bit of a shame IMO. Most gamers want something new nowadays instead of just another sequel.
6 years ago#6
negative feedback? which one? i really hope it a reboot.i don't care it something new or what.what i care is the gameplay that all and if this were reboot or something like sequel/prequel just don't messing with timeline.like this were supposed take place b4 dmc3.
6 years ago#7
/\/\/\ /\/\/\

Not sure if that was an attempt at sarcasm. If it is...you almost got it.
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