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5 years ago#11
I have played plenty of games where you did things in cutscenes that you could not do in the game. Just as, I wonder if there will be a move where you hit the ground, break it up and cause a shock wave like they showed in the teaser?

Hmmm...if Capcom is over seeing it to this degree then why involve a western company? Just what is that special touch they expect them to have? I still don't know why this has not been handled internally. I think it would have generated a lot less frustration.

Yes, it is a wait and see but it is pretty bad I am having to do that with my favorite franchise. If it does not fit, I will not get it.
5 years ago#12
Devil May Cry always had crap that Dante could do in cutscenes that was impossible in freaking die. All I know, is if this game doesn't have a jump button, NT is over. I doubt they'll exclude jumping though.
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5 years ago#13

I actually rewatched that interview, and Tameem says that his company is "working closely" with Capcom on the gameplay, and Alex Jones said the same thing about the bosses because bosses were "Capcom's specialty."

So, I guess that could either mean Capcom has full hands-on or they are closely supervising the gameplay. But, you know, from what I gather so far, Ninja Theory has boasted more about art direction and what they believe is today's culture than the thing that actually defines Devil May Cry: being innovated.

I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom developers are more involved in this project than we think.

5 years ago#14
Then would it kill Capcom to actually do an decent interview to answer some questions and ease some fears? All I have seen from them is asking fans for their input and then they turn around and tell us that everything is set as is and there will be little to no change.

I can't remember Dante being killed in a cutscene. Which game was it?
5 years ago#15
I just read Capcom's latest woes with the plagiarism calls against them. Maybe their PR machine is focused on other things...

I really expected a little more news or interviews by now. Capcom has really not said much from the beginning giving us a feeling that the overseeing of this game is just a casual glance in NT's direction. I wish we'd get something.
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