What's actually going to happen is...

#1LordDamien27Posted 3/24/2011 3:45:13 AM
this game will be released with Day 1 DLC that is going to be the familiar Dante for $10-$15, then it's going to be revealed that it was already on the disc. I mean, judging by how Capcom does things, this seems plausible.
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#2ikillyaz22Posted 3/25/2011 9:11:32 AM

Can i have some of what your smoking??

#3Liquid_AcidPosted 3/25/2011 8:55:23 PM
Crackhead Donte rips his prosthetic mask and wig off and reveals that he is Vince McMahon! IT"S ME AUSTIN!!!! IT WAS ME ALL ALONG!
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