HD for DMC 1-3

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4 years ago#61
This will be awesome,the original DMC was a piece of art, DmC is a Piece of fart.
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4 years ago#62

drizzt_rocks posted...

Maybe it might just be coming after all ^_^

Hopefully this collection can like triple the sales of the reboot and that will really send a clear signal to Crapcom.
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4 years ago#63
I figure it will happen sooner or later. Would it be on the 360 also I wonder?
4 years ago#64
well I guess its only fair we give Dumb Move Capcom abit of a head start right? ;)
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4 years ago#65
I'll buy this if true. I assume it will have trophy support also?
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4 years ago#66
I will buy it for myself and all my friends who are fans, if it's true.
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4 years ago#67
4 years ago#68
This rumor has been revived yet again. Nothing from Capcom officially. It looks like the rumor says a "remastering" Correct me if I am wrong but isn't that just cleaning up or upgrading the sound and graphics? Nothing new?

Either way, I am getting 2. One for me and one for a family member.
4 years ago#69
no vergil no buy!!!!!

who am i kidding, dmc3 alone will be worth it!!
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