Something that has been bothering me since the gameplay trailer was shown

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you assumed right lol, I just saw the e3 trailer and a magazine in depth analysis, maybe it can change my opinion, where you get this stuff? I was buying the game anyway but it feel kind of the same :S
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Here are a few previews talking about the new features in TR

They had been talking about this stuff since long before gameplay was shown, like I said compare this to DmC which seems to be trying to be DMC4 but gritty, it may play a bit different at 30fps but for the most part they are going for pretty much the same as last time only cosmetically different.

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Xtreme65 posted...
The reboot could also be a way different story. Ever since 3 Capcom wanted DMC to be more story driven and while 3s story wasnt to shabby 4 proved that Capcom was running out of ideas. Ive always had the impression this was the main reason for a reboot. If it were up to me I would have just made a new game series.

The novel of DMC4 blows that idea out of the water. The fact is that it was the Capcom executives that ruined that game not the series lack of potential.
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