Confirmation from Reuben and Johnny.

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5 years ago#1
Just in case some people are still fuzzy [even though NT's lead HIMSELF said that it was a reboot]; the series is a complete reboot of the series.

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I went to an anime convention because I heard Reuben and Johnny were going to be there [and they're usually a lot of fun]. They were also holding a Devil May Cry panel with Reuben and Johnny as the leads.

Reuben essentially confirmed that he and Johnny have NOTHING to do with the current DmC and that the reason why Capcom is labeling this as "DmC" and not "Devil May Cry 5" is because they're a bit skeptical about the idea. In the back of their head, Capcom thinks [nah, they KNOW] that DmC may fail.

So, I know I've been on this board and being a devil's advocate, but I'm finally on the side that says DOWN with the NEW DmC.

Reuben also confirmed that Capcom WILL return to the original series if this one doesn't work out well.

So, in order to save the series we all once loved [and still love], I highly suggest you NEVER pick this game up. If you really wanna try it out, go to a friend's house who did buy it, but do not invest your own personal money into it. I know some of you are thinking, "LOL ONLY SIXTY DORRAR GON DO NUTTIN TO DA CAPCOM" but if six of us don't invest in this game at full retail price, we've just screwed Capcom out of $400+ dollars.

I'm not making this topic because I hate DmC entirely; I just want to know what happens to Nero, I want our stylish Dante back, I want Reuben back, I want one solid plotline, and I want 60FPS + GREAT GRAPHICS.

And I know there'll be responses to this thread saying that many haters should just "give the game a shot", but if there's a chance that a REAL DMC 5 will come out, then my response is, "LOL no."
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5 years ago#2
Best news I've heard all day. DMC will return if this flops? It's an offer I can't refuse.
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5 years ago#3
Capcom might lying through their teeth about returning to the new DMC...but, maybe if we got the HD collection (assuming it's really coming out) and ignore DmC...?
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5 years ago#4
Is this your own eye-witness account RoxasANobody? Or can you provide the link where you found this if it isn't?
You wanna know why fans hate the new Devil May Cry? Read this:
5 years ago#5
Wait... I thought TC was all FOR this game.

I'm so confused...

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5 years ago#6
Already decided from day 1 that I will not be buying this POS new or used.
5 years ago#7

BerserkNinja posted...
Already decided from day 1 that I will not be buying this POS new or used.

And look at you, still here lol.

Well whatever, I'll buy it and hopefully it will be just as good as the previous DMC games. I don't care if they continue the story of the older games, I like the idea of having a more serious story... This different take appeals to me.

5 years ago#8
It won't be as good as the previous games.
The Heavenly Sword control scheme and 30 FPS already see to that.

If you want a more serious story with a game that doesn't play like Heavenly Sword 2 and doesn't take a crap on an existing franchise, play Darksiders.
You even get the damned scythe.
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5 years ago#9
TC, do you know if this panel was recorded? I know Reuben is not involved, he has said so more than once and it seems that he would like to be involved in a DMC5 seeing how his Just Cause FB site was asking what do you think of the new DmC. Interesting stuff. I'd like this in some kind of "hard copy", interview, video etc.
5 years ago#10
I highly suggest that next time you make a thread, be more specific in the title. For a moment there it sounded like Reuben and Johnny confirmed they will be voice acting in the game.

The reboot confirmation was literally confirmed over a month ago, by Tameen himself.
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