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3 years ago#1
Playing through the HD Collection, I was thinking about picking up DMC4 again too, so I looked up some DMC4 LPs and what really struck me? How likeable Nero is. He's like a cynical version of DMC3 Dante.

The opening battle alone has some great moments; "you got a jacked up notion of fair play, pal" and the sword line, made even better with Dante's "revving" in reply. :P

I vaguely remember him having some irritating stuff later on, mostly to do with Kyrie, right? But for the most part, Nero is a great character IMO.
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3 years ago#2

Nero's pretty great.
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3 years ago#3
He is...okay in my opinion, but far inferior to Dante during my time with DMC4, it is obviously a love him/hate him character.

But for what he did accomplish, even beating Dante's ass in some portions of the game was cool which I didn't think was possible for this kid to pull off til I found out Dante was just letting himself eat devil bringer knuckles for breakfast intentionally and that Nero was a descendant of Sparda.

That is another point of DMC4 that grinds my GEARS that it is only mentioned once in the whole duration of the game he is related to the Sparda Bloodline and never brought up again. Is he Dante's brother? cousin? A bastard Child from Sparda not with Eva that Dante is unaware of knowing about? Come on, Capcom goddamn :/ I liked that plot point too. I would've died to know more about it.

I thought he did okay, nothing to spectacular though.

>Liked he could keep up with Dante sometimes
>Might have a piece of Vergil's spirit in his arm.
> Descendant of Sparda.
>The Credo dynamic I did enjoy, just wish the fight was longer.

>Kyrie....I disliked all that whining, yelling and crying for a girl that wasn't even remotely in danger of being killed, sliced or cut to bits. Even the look on her face during those scenes Sanctus had her was very emotionless because in her face as she knew it was going to be alright. I had a feeling everything was going to end on a happy note and I knew I wasn't wrong :/ It really killed Nero's personality for me with all the yelling and girly screams for Kyrie.

>The fact Nero never killed any of the bosses. . .that felt unaccomplished as a nitpick just shutting the hell gates/having them retreat and moving on. I just didn't see Nero as adequate demon slayer for the job letting them get away I guess leaving the big bosses to Dante was okay as Nero is just a order member but still that's something I didn't enjoy. If he could easily kill the lesser enemies why not kill a boss or two instead of Sanctus?

>He felt to much like a younger Dante, they should have gave him more characteristics to flesh him out from the son of sparda.
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3 years ago#4
Loved his gameplay, didn't like his actual character.
3 years ago#5
I loved his Devil Bringer mechanics.

I have always wanted to see grab attacks in DMC.
The closest I ever got was Dante picking up a Marionette and tossing it against the floor when he's trying to escape their close-up slash attack.

I loved the Buster so much that I start brainstorming what would happen if Nero uses his Buster on opponents from other DMC games.
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3 years ago#6
Nero is the only reason i don't like dmc4 more than dm3. If story was full dante, then it would have been the best dmc yet.
3 years ago#7
I liked Nero, gameplay wise.

Personality wise he needed more flesh on the bones, but there is potential for a great character.

All in all, Nero could have been a great successor to Dante.
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3 years ago#8

Like others gameplay yay personality nay, also Blue Rose is a helluva lot cooler than ebony and ivory.

3 years ago#9
He felt completely unnecessary. Just one big meh. I did like the sword revving combat mechanic and his revolver though.
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3 years ago#10
I liked Nero. I think more could have been done with his character, and if a new DMC game were to feature him again I hope there would be some great character development for him. Would've liked a lot more explanation concerning what he is exactly and how it relates to Virgil. Is he a demon mix like Dante or is his super-strength/powers a result of his arm? Was he born with the arm or did he obtain it at some point, and if the latter, how? Why does Yamato (and presumably some spirit of Virgil by extension) give him power against Agnus? How does he tie into the Sparda bloodline? and so on.

Not that we'll ever get those answers anytime soon, if ever, by the seems of things. His character has potential IMO.
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