New Trailer, Dante actually seems...great. :O

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3 years ago#1

So. That's not the sullen whiner you guys had me expecting.

That's Dante alright.

The crazy ass monster yelling SON OF SPARDAAAA and the slow mo carnival wheel toss sure helped too.
Oh no, there goes Toh-kee-yoh!
3 years ago#2

Not bad, but I feel like ninja theory's "message" will be a little overbearing I mean that was obviously a Julian Assange reference. It doesn't look as grim as earlier trailers though.

3 years ago#3
I like it.
And some annihilating beauty light up the night
3 years ago#4
Capcom finally listen and buffing "Donte" up make him more like a man than a EMO druggie.

But I still don't like his look, every time I look at Donte reminds me of Tam Tam~ >_>""
3 years ago#5
Didn't care for the music and still dislike the new Dante, but I actually really enjoyed that trailer. This game is now officially on my radar!
"Cry some more, cub. You're just shivering right now because I'm crashing into your little party and you know you can't argue with me." -- Goldsickle
3 years ago#6
It was pretty cool. They got a chuckle from me with the Austin Power's censorship action. Despite that however, everytime I see this game I think of Tameen. And everytime I think of Tameen, I get a little annoyed...then angry.
3 years ago#7
That.. was the weakest, lamest looking Million Stab I've ever seen in a video game.
"What's wrong? It looks like you swallowed a bug. Oh wait. You always look like that." -Jade, Tales of the Abyss.
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3 years ago#8
pizza confirmed.

I smiled at "... missed" :)
3 years ago#9
The writing in this game looks terrible. "Government scum", lol. The humor was alright, though. I laughed a couple times.

The animations look much smoother on the whole, which is great. Million Stab looked pretty weak, but that's not a huge deal.
Forbidden Sorcery
Vinum Sabbathi
3 years ago#10
I thought he said "Demon scum".

I'm liking this Dante more and more!
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  3. New Trailer, Dante actually seems...great. :O

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