Is anyone here offended by the new captivate trailer that shows Dante...

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Doom_Infinite posted...Next thing you know they'll hire Platinum games to make DMC5, ah love the irony there.I hope not. I like Itsuno's take better than Kamiya's. Kamiya is not good with characters.---My DMC HD Collection

Sorry, but Kamiya brought one of the best video games in this world: RE2, DMC, Okami, Bayonetta. So he's probably knows how to do really good games. Which Tameem is ignorant to

I find it odd how manage to translate "Itsuno" to "Tameem".
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Dante is anything but a shonen inspired character, originally he was meant to be the evolution of Leon for RE4 but RE4 became DMC and there's some influences in the gothic designs which were later revisited in RE3.5, also Dante's appearance was what they had in mind for Leon, as well as the witty and slightly macho aspects of his personality.
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I love the trailer . The only thing I am sad about is when Dante left the trailer . " Arggh (Dante express pain or a wounded gesture ) . You got me ( Dante smirks ) . " sound better .
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