In case some of you "hardcore fans" forgot, this is how DMC3 demoed.

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All giving him ratings but the pathetic thing is he is 100% right lmao.
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*Reads first post*

My god, is this what DmC defenders have been reduced to??
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Nick_Kazama posted...
*Reads first post*

My god, is this what DmC defenders have been reduced to??

What, taking things about one of the games in the series that's universally loved on this board and taking specific elements or just the game whole cloth out of context to try to downplay the negative feedback from the DmC demo?

Pretty much.

/I'm waiting breathlessly for the DMC1 demo thread to pop up.
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Ha, using the ignore features.

Face them like a real man.
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Receipt posted...
Man, I would've missed out on so much of my gaming time's most fond memories if I'd have thought that the demo of this game did anything but scratch the surface. Whew.

Actually, I loved this demo. Every moment I played of it. Which is why I was on a stupid internet message board in 2005 playing it live for people via webcam before the game came out. *sigh* I miss style competitions.

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Here's the problem with your "logic", DMC3's demo was from an early build of the game the DmC demo came out after the game was completed so it should be close to the final product.
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Has this been what DmC fanboys been reduced to? Ignoring the apparent flaws of the new game and seeking explained flaws from previous DMC games to make a blind relation out of it? If this is a way to hide the insecurity, you are doing a bad job at it. DmC demo is based off the full game so believe Capcom/NT or whoever, but what you are playing is what you are going to get Day 1 when it hits the shelves. Tameem isn't addressing or fixing anything after that.
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While the topic has repeatidly been pointed out uncredible to the point you could write a novel about, it's also gone on for 5 pages, this was a succusful troll thread, kudos to the TC
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I wonder if I am on this TCs dreaded Ignore List.
Oh please let it not be so! I have NO idea what to do if he ignored me!

Wait... if he ignored me this means...
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Ooooh, I love cookies!
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Dragoon_Kail posted...
While the topic has repeatidly been pointed out uncredible to the point you could write a novel about, it's also gone on for 5 pages, this was a succusful troll thread, kudos to the TC

It says a lot about a person who needs to troll others. There is absolutely nothing commendable about trolling people. It's just sad. Really, really sad, and I cannot do anything but truly pity people who troll.

Just report this kid for rule violations and move on. S/He even admitted to having no other reason than to troll. Now all we have to do is wait for the mods to delete this thread.

Also to some of the response posters: You guys are way too easy to troll. Cool your jets a bit and instead try to derail these threads, if something smells like a troll, it most likely is one. Sure some of the topics one thinks are troll topic, are actually serious topics mostly done by new people, but why not just derail that as well? I honestly started LOL'ing when the TC said "ignoring X amount of messages" even though people were just talking off-topic :D

Maybe I'll coach you guys a bit: Alright so the first signs of a troll-topic is "you only hate because of [generalized reason]". Claims about another person's likes or dislikes in a generalizing manner is usually a troll. It's meant to rile up the posters(both "sides").
Another usual suspect is: "Old Dante/DMC was outdated. DMC needed a modernized/less Japanese-y/grittier/etc update." Anything regurgitating Capcom's/NT's words is usually just a troll. Yeah, some people agree with them, just leave them alone in that case. No need to start butting heads.
Another, a newer form of trolling, is to say the demo was flawless. Ok, someone may think so. Again, just leave them alone. If a person can do nothing but speak in hyperbole/generalizations, that's usually a cue to stop responding to them. I actually started ignoring a poster here for saying his usual form of arguing is to generalize everything. It just serves no purpose to talk to someone like that.

You have to understand, trolls are the ones who are most bothered by what others say. They satirize almost everything as a means of making the thing that was said into an "unreality", to demean the words said to take away their weight. For them to even need to do this they need to see the words said as a threat/something threatening. There's a reason why these people troll, and the reason is that they are just so damn frustrated with people who have a different opinion that they need to start trolling. Trolling itself is sadism, cowardice, and low self esteem basically.
The way to make trolls feel foolish is to hijack their threads, to completely ignore them, and just go off-topic. It's trolling as well, I admit, but in this case a taste of their own medicine should teach them a valuable lesson or two... Hopefully XD
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