So many immature 'fans' here.

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Chaingunmaster posted...
DuuuDe14 posted...
Teh DuuuDe- 2, troll- 0

I don't get how you could score 2 points with just one post.

He scored 1 in another topic.
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So apparently old Dante and DMC are irrelevant. But unveil him and friends with much praise and reception in MvC3. Not to mention DMC4 sales top the franchise.

I guess some 'fans' are out of touch with reality here.
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Olan17V posted...
Get over it. The new Dante and the art direction they're taking seems good. Time goes by, the audience evolves. Games need to adapt. The whole "anime-like swordsman-dude with cool hair" is a thing of the past, along with that 'melodramatic Japanese storytelling'. It's time for something more modern, gritty, real and stylish.

The essence of the characters and the key trademarks of the series is still there. I don't see what's the problem.

A breath of fresh air and new direction is just what this series needed. Hopefully Capcom will do the same with Resident Evil, who also seem to be continuously deteriorating by the outdated "Japanese anime direction".

You've never watched anime, have you?
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Sorry, I was too busy playing games that don't ruin franchises, what did you say?
*reads first post*
Ah, a load of drivel. Good show lad.
Now sit down, shut up nd play Dishonored like a good little kid and you might learn something about quality.
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