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4 years ago#11
Stink_Nasty posted...
I think this game can bridge the gap between the GoW fans to this kind of HnS. It's not exactly DMC or Bayo, but it does have some kind depth that's not found in a lot of games.

I think this game will get a whole lot tougher, the level we played in the demo I believe is 5 (The guy's shirt) that's pretty early on. In the preview articles where thye play up to level 10, they say the game gets gradually harder. This is actually different from DMC3 because in my opinion the hardest level was 7 and A&R killed me about 15 times before I could kill them in normal mode and that was level 5, but I think the game will gradually get tougher. Not to the level of DMC3 hard, but I think it will be really challenging in this age of games (except maybe Demon's souls).

That is kind of what i think, DmC is basically a middle ground between the more complex H&S like DMC/Bayonetta and the more button mashing type like GOW. Maybe Capcom is trying to attract new fans to the genre. Because lets face it, most of us who started playing DMC when it came out are in our mid 20s. Most kids today play call of duty or AC. Demon's/Dark Souls are up there(probably are) my favorite games of this generation, along with MGS4 & Bayonetta(beats DMC4 for me personally).
4 years ago#12
mmSNAKE posted...
except maybe Demon's souls

Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are only hard the first few times. Once you remember where the traps and ambushes are and you know how to achieve your build it's not so bad.

I've beat both games at SL1, and i'm not as good as a lot of gamers. It really got over hyped difficulty wise, which is a shame cause it stopped people from trying it.
4 years ago#13
..... I'm 18........

But I agree with you. My problem is, if this game was a middle ground between DMC and button mashers, why'd they have to call it DMC? They could have given it a new name. Do people at least agree that it would make more sense to make a new IP?
4 years ago#14
Because Devil May Cry name sells. It sold fairly well in the last installment. Big names sell regardless of quality. DMC proved it can sell a good amount.
Beatings will continue until morale improves!
4 years ago#15
mmSNAKE posted...
Because Devil May Cry name sells. It sold fairly well in the last installment. Big names sell regardless of quality. DMC proved it can sell a good amount.

That's what makes me upset. They had to use another games name on a game that could very well be it's own game. If this game is as good as people say, it should have been able to sell on its own merits, right? So why do we have to lose our series just so this one sells better?
4 years ago#16
That is capcom using it's name, i just made a post in that anti vs pro topic that relates to this. so i'm just going to copy&paste. Cause i honestly don't think there should be a DMC5, but another game like Bayonetta or DMC would be awesome.

"Inafune,Mikami, and Kamiya all left Capcom. That was most of their best talent. To be honest(i can't speak for them), I think they left cause they didn't want to just keep making sequels to the same games. I think they wanted to have freedom to create new IPs, with new ideas. Us as fans are partially to blame, we love a game and want more and more. Instead of thinking of the possibility of something new being able to be just as good or better. They are artists, and no artist wants to just keep drawing the same image except maybe in a different color or slightly different, they want to start a new drawing all together."-me
4 years ago#17
So why do we have to lose our series just so this one sells better?

Because they are the ones making money. They could give a damn about what people say if they sold a ton of copies.

Big names can get away with it. Blizzard can get away with it, Call of Duty games get away with it.

Can this game get away with it? That I don't know. I'd say a very good part of the fanbase for this game were the people who liked the hardcore aspect of it.
Beatings will continue until morale improves!
4 years ago#18
I think Demon's Souls was pretty hard, god damn that Flamelurker, guy just never wants to die. This is what I get for building a melee class that wants to be agile and deal great blows. I'm not too good at the game and to be honest I'm not one to grasp the concepts of complex things unless I have someone explain it to me verbally. I'm more of an auditory learner, so I don't really get the concept of the black worlds or white worlds or how exactly to build a good character. I do really like the games though.

The problem with a new IP, is that it's not guaranteed to have any kind of fanbase. Capcom isn't exactly a studio that only develops smash hits, they develop a lot of games and gamers enjoy a lot of their games, but they release a lot of fluff too.

By naming it DMC you segregate some of the old fans, but bank on retaining some of the old ones while increasing the fanbase with new fans. Sadly, the old fans who don't like this game get sacrificed in hopes that more new people will play this game than old people.
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4 years ago#19
Well, I'll just say this. I had more fun playing GOW chains of olympus on my psp than I did playing that demo. While the combat might be more deep in DmC(sad to say) that doesn't make it more interesting.
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4 years ago#20
That's a pretty shameful tactic..... it's one of the reasons that I don't like this game too. The old fans are pretty much being abandoned because we don't bring in the money Capcom wants. We gave 2.7 million sales for DMC4, but it wasn't enough so we get shafted.... that's a bit sad.
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