I just heard of the leaked ending (spoilers)

#21Stink_NastyPosted 11/29/2012 12:35:52 PM
I know 4chan sometimes leaks out information that is actually right, but I think that poster used that to his advantage to troll in the hardest way. A time machine powered on baby tears? Come on people, the only thing that has any sort of credibility is the Vergil Rex because of the concept art found in the demo. Even then, that could be just concept art.

And The ME3 ending would be much worse than this, at least this was already a bad idea and just followed up with a bad ending. ME pout you through 2 awesome games thinking your choices mattered when they didn't and then pulled off the absolute worse ending ever. It was as if they tried to commit every story telling taboo in a span of 10 minutes and they managed to pull it off.
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