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4 years ago#51

Which I don't bother with.

Not sure it'd be worth getting a DS just for this one game though, especially when you already have 3DS and DSi. I'd say it's a good game, but it ain't all that special.
4 years ago#52
One day I will finish Dawn of Dreams. I might not like it, but I feel like perhaps I should... if only to strenghten my arguments.
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Punk's Not Dead
4 years ago#53
Lol. Great reason.
4 years ago#54
Dawn of Dreams was pretty much the death of the series though I still had some personal fun with because of the weird co-op ability, I loved femJubei and boxing preacher guy (his theme song was like a remix of some tracks from DMC3 too which made him even more awesome). The OST was still good too but It's understandable why it was the most hated of them all.

They totally dumbed down Issens though which actually used to take at least an ounce of skill in previous Onimusha games but in DoD was just mashfests and the story played out like a typical shounen anime.
The Storm Is About To Rage.....
4 years ago#55
Silly, I know. I mean, look, I don't really HATE the game. It's just that, in comparison to the originals it's very meak. One thing I can't stand is how loooooooong it is. Also, it's level design is very eradict. The weapons lack personality because they decided to include a sort of loot drop system in place of what they had and the action is so constant that it becomes boring. The originals had a nice blend of action and puzzle solving, they were really well paced. I never felt that way about DoD. It's too RPGish and clearly trying to be some sort of analog to DMC. It's an odd ass game.
Since 1998. Grasshopper Manufacture.
Punk's Not Dead
4 years ago#56
It... had weapons... we could equip?

I thought everyone had a default wep that never changed...

I did miss the puzzles though. I mean really, the hell were the puzzles? I think it may have had some simple once, maybe.

I never got bored of combat, infact I liked it the most of any game. Especially once the R2 moves are unlocked and 'femJubei' got her counters. The mains purifying blade sucked ass. His love interest had cool moves, too. Like playing as Magoichi without the ridiculous power that completely trivializes everything.
4 years ago#57
It's been too long since I even played this game but I remember Soki's Purification Blade mowing down Dark Realm fights for me, probably one of the easiest characters to run through it besides femJubei and "Tenkai" lolSam.
The Storm Is About To Rage.....
4 years ago#58
If they want to destroy another series, at least give us an Onimusha HD collection before doing that like DMC. :P
4 years ago#59
From: PineappleFist | #050
Should get a DS, really. They're so cheap now, backwards compatible (for the most part since I think DSi ain't) and have a nice well lit screen.

Yeah, I'd like another DS Lite. I have a 3ds and a DSi-XL but they aren't BC. When I get some free dollars I'll do me some shopping around. I really want to play this game.

*inb4 emulation*

You'd think they'd some out with some adapter that'd play GB, GBC and GBA games but NOOOOOO. You gotta buy them from their store. Even then, I doubt they have some of the games I've got.
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