jus palyed dat demo

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User Info: BlackEnergy11

4 years ago#1
man dat joint hot yo.
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User Info: mortredcrit

4 years ago#2
~Thank you for your irrelevant opinion~

User Info: Nofumasa

4 years ago#3
wub a wub thanks for the wub
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User Info: Dark_Epathy

4 years ago#4
Where is everyone hearing the dubstep? I honestly have not heard any in any of the trailers or the demo.
Why are you people so hung up on what's canon or not? - freakazaa

User Info: joegt123

4 years ago#5
Wubeth resounds throughout.
http://youtu.be/QHdk36PNuVw?t=50s THE reason I'm giving the Dante May Cry a chance.
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  3. jus palyed dat demo

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