DmC Demo Technical Analysis from hardcoreviolenceshow

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Some of the best review I had watched so far. Some Gamefaqs brothers had posted part of this review. I figure it will be convenience to have a summary with all of his review videos in one post to make easy access for everyone who is interested to watch them all. Highly recommended!

part one

part two

DmC Demo - first impressions

Gun comparison

DmC Style Meter Comparison and Explanation
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*sits on Dante's chair*
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*Sits on a comfy chair*
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Yeah, this guy knows his crap.
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This is like the 6th time this has been posted.
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I like his reviews better then mine
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mmmm vids are good i guess, but pointless IMO. I love the new DmC, find it tons of fun, the only thing that should be fixed is that AI should have some kind of attack in the air so that you can't abuse JC/rake but otherwise, I like it a lot.

The game is an awesome casual/hardcore middleground.

One thing I didn't like however is how the guy said "this one move can be spammed with JC and you'll be safe" however you can do the same with Yamato in past DMC games, just spam Yamato and JC constantly....I didn't see all of the vid(s) through but yeah lol
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*Bring my own chair & pizza & watch*

I wish he will also do one video for the camera angle problem too. oh well!
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Taizuku posted...
This is like the 6th time this has been posted.

Making sure people know it's not just about the hair I guess, considering we get 6 of those topics every day.
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