Will this game take the crown as the worst DMC game ever over DMC2?

#31DarkNight11Posted 12/5/2012 9:55:02 PM
From: EntropyZero | #018
It would be a feat to be worse than dmc2.
I literally dozed off to sleep several times in dmc2.

haha, seriously.

I'm pretty sure I could make it through at least one playthrough of DmC.
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Shadow, it's like you read my mind.

Well, about DMC3, anyway. At any one time, Dante was just so damn limited, and that isn't the case here. He has access to all weapons at once, almost as big a moveset for those weapons, parrying just about anything, and he's just as swift as with trickster. With no need to switch weapons or styles at any menus.

As for DMC4, it's sort of the same deal. He has more weapons here at least, though, and doing everything isn't quite as clumsy. There's also the matter of the game outside of combat. I really doubt we'll run back through this game backwards.

But on top of that, damn near everything here is cancelable, and if it isn't(Arbiter), it's part of the risk reward. In the past games if you wanted to cancel some things you had to guard cancel. I find this more liberating here.
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#33LancerLigarPosted 12/5/2012 10:43:53 PM
i give up on you people. i mean common, saying that DMC is the lowest standard of quality that a dmc game should strive for! DMC was fekkin AMAZING
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#34EntropyZeroPosted 12/5/2012 10:49:45 PM
LancerLigar posted...
i give up on you people. i mean common, saying that DMC is the lowest standard of quality that a dmc game should strive for! DMC was fekkin AMAZING

Dont get me wrong. I love dmc1! But since then, they added weapon switching, styles, and more combos.
Its the first DMC game so naturally, everything after dmc has to try and be better.
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ShadowZero007 posted...

I like was DmC attempts to do; which is cut through the crap.
The style system is kinda arbitrary; it was added because they couldn't figure out how to give him access to such a huge arsenal at once. DMC4 tried to rectify it but in the end it's still sort of a middle man in between you and you're moves. They tried to kinda strip it down to it's core and make it so you have "
everything" at once, which is trying to make it so you can do what you did with styles without having to switch all the time. I'll admit "form" switching is essentially style switching, just simplified down, it's not perfect, but I don't mind it and I like what it's trying.

It's because the DMC3 and 4 devs where smart enough to avoid a bloated control set up.
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#36XwonderPosted 12/8/2012 11:17:42 AM
as a game, DmC will be better
but as for Dante, well, it's hard for me to say that i don't dislike this version
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I cannot have fun playing DMC2 but I had fun playing this game's demo and can see myself enjoying the full game. So my vote goes to DMC2 still being the worst.
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#38StrelokPosted 12/8/2012 12:52:04 PM
Gmaeplaywise, yes, it's far worse than DMC2.
Hell it's even easier than DMC2 where you at least had to bloody keep moving. And the standard controls weren't a handwrecking mess.
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KA_ME_HA_ME_HA posted...
I'm bored...

So I downloaded the Ni no Kuni demo today..... it was amazing TT_TT

That childlike wonder I used to get from games returned. Damn it Ghibli, why are you so amazing?

Literally a day one buy for me, I'm going to buy it and never stop playing EVER!!!

Hey now, let's give some credit to the guys at Level 5. Also, thanks for the reminder. I totally spaced on the demo's release.
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#40PhaildPosted 12/8/2012 1:27:02 PM
It's because the DMC3 and 4 devs where smart enough to avoid a bloated control set up.

Nothing's more "bloated" than having to switch between what, 5 different styles and having to cycle through all of your weapons mid-combo.

Nothing annoys me more than the fact that you have to cycle through each and every single weapon, regardless whether you actually ever use them or not.

Thank god DmC had the decency to make weapons permanently hotkeyed, while still maintaining the ability to switch freely.
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