You walk in on Donte and your mother having sex

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Malus: Malus. Malus, pls. Stahp.

*glove slap*
I do this for you. Not to you. Remember this well, boy.


Seriously? Who let the animals out of their cages?
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I would politely wait until everyone is dressed and the atmosphere is awkward. Then?
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Malus_X6 posted...
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Malus_X6 posted...
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Malus, pls. Pls, go.

Sit yo five dolla ass down before I decide to make change.

I love it

Dude, there's a YouTube video call 100 Greatest Threats in Film... Or something like that. It's got some great ones in it, though it does have some lame ones.

I know I've seen it but I still love that line
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"Toet, bite him"

Then I walk out as the sounds of agonizing pain and being absolutely murdered by a 160 lbs dog are not too nice to listen to.
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